About American Art Institute

American Art Institute, LLC (AAI) is a pre and after school specialized in Performing and Visual Arts early-age education. Start with foundation arts and vocational programs for young students; it also offers adults art program. AAI will focus on practical education and training with various art activities, events and festivals. Based on the authentic sources, we will promote modern American art and Asian Culture and arts through drawing, painting, singing, dancing, music, photography, drama and media communication. We welcome all the art lovers in different background to join our programs. We are offering pre-Scholl and after school program to assist young students to complete their home work and assignment in English, mathematics and different projects. We especially encourage new American immigrants to transcend traditions to overcome cultural barriers.

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To enroll your student at American Art Institute, please contact our admissions by email to aaisfusa@gmail.com or by phone at 415-672-2809.

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